Sunday, October 21, 2012

Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” Helen Keller

On October 7, 2012 I finished my first marathon and was on top of the world. Today, 14 days later I have yet to run even a block. It's not from not wanting to, believe me, it's because I can't.

A few days after the marathon, my right knee starting hurting. Not the achy pain I'm accustomed to, but a sharp stabbing pain with almost every step. I freaked... NO! Not again! This can't happen again! But it had...and now I had to deal with my second real injury of running.

After my first 15k, I couldn't walk for a week because I sprained the bottom of my foot (overuse). I was in a boot for a week, and could barely put pressure on it. I waited it out, and it got better, and now that distance doesn't hurt.

Now, here we go again. This marathon was my first, and my body rebelled. It just doesn't seem to like new long distances. Something always gives, and this time it was my knee. Doesn't look like anything is "damaged" and it's probably from overuse, again! I've had knee issues since I started running so it wasn't a surprise.

When I first started running, I had some discomfort in that same knee, so I went to a specialist to get some help. He took X-rays, and gave me a 5 minute exam. I was told that my knee doesn't track right, and this "specialist" informed me I shouldn't run, my body isn't made for running; no other advice.
That was his advice?!

So my adversity to specialists is understandable. This time I'm going through a different route that involves "Agressively doing Conservative Therapy," ultrasound, electro-stimulation, and ice with my PT officeI am comfortable with this, since we are making these decisions together and working towards a solution, and they want me to get out there running again. If it doesn't work, we can go onto the more aggressive options.

So for now, I rest and wait ....but I hate waiting... It needs to get better now, I need to run....

Which really brings me to the heart of my blog. Injuries suck!! I mean really suck. You can't do what you want to do, and the pain and discomfort constantly reminds you of that. You poke and prod at yourself every few minute to see if a miraculous recovery has happened. You wake up in the morning and lay there for a minute trying to feel if the ache is there before you get out of bed, which determines how crabby you are for the day. It consumes you, while you wait and hope and wait some more, while everyone around you continues to run. You aren't mad at them, you just wish you could join them.

 I never realized how much I truly need and want running. I like the way it makes me feel, I like the way it makes me look, but most of all I like the friends I have made because of running.

They have put up with my whining and crying and understand how I feel. They don't patronize me, they support me. They give advice (wanted or not), but they do it all because they want me to get back out there. They want me to run and be back to my old self, because this one is pretty crabby.

So in the meantime, while I recover and wait, I plan. I plan for the new running gear I want, I plan for the next big race, I plan for the amazing trip to Colorado I am taking with my Facebook friends, and I plan on how that next marathon will feel with the changes to my training that will take place.

NOT RUNNING is definitely NOT the plan....

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  1. It is not the case that your body doesn't like long distances - But you've done a lot in a VERY short time! Running a marathon while still building a solid foundation is difficult and it takes YEARS (IMHO) to build that foundation. Injuries often serve as a reminder of how important it is to be able to do what we want to do. I know that I no longer take things for granted the way I did years ago. Each day I'm able to run is a gift. Yes, I will be injured again, no doubt. And I will be reminded again. Keep it up!!! On the other side you will be as stronger, happier, more determined runner.